Does My Vagina Smell Okay?

2 min readJul 25, 2020

I, like all women wonder when it comes to that crucial point in sex, when your partner slowly descends down your belly and spreads your thighs…oh God, is he or her going to like your odor and taste.

You know what I mean, your vagina smell and fluids!

This isn’t for every guy or gal! Just those of us who love our partner’s nose in our vaginas!

The night before I am scheduled to have a sex date, I watch what I eat. Anything spicy can come through your twat odor! I drink a lot of water and juice the day before. I have had many noses in my vagina, and to date no one has said “yuck"! On the contrary actually! They enjoy diving face first in my muff!

I also understand that PH balance is important and I take fastidious methods to keep my vag healthy!

I get a taste report from my one and only sex partner currently, whenever we have sex. I am sweet, or sweet/salty, but never bitter or foul tasting! I am well aware some guys/gals may enjoy stinky pussy and that is your preference naturally!

I taste myself every morning to ensure quality! Yes, a bit much I get it! But you see, I am a squirter and my fluids land in someone’s beard, chest, and up their nose, so I have to maintain standards my partners have come (no pun intended) to expect of me!

“Per Dr. Mary Jane Minkin,”.

Here are the 7 odors of vaginas:

  1. Tangy or fermented

2. Coppery like a penny

3. Sweet like molasses

4. Chemical like a newly cleaned bathroom

5. Skunky like BO or a smoked herbal, earthy scent

6. Fishy or that fillet you forgot about

7. Rotten like a decaying organism.”

In this article referenced, there are many causes for each odor, and you can change how your vagina smells if you are so inclined.

Where category do you fall into, odor wise?

Ask your partner(s).

Thanks for reading, clapping and commenting! Love and light to each of you!


Jezebel is a psychotherapist who lives and works passionately. Life is a journey worth sharing our musings for others to enjoy.