I too, have a Sex Bucket List

4 min readJul 9, 2020

It’s mine though!

I have decided that I want to try new things sexually as I am on my “sexual awakening" my bff says. I have been fortunate lately with a gentleman that has agreed to be a partner I can experiment with things on my sex bucket list! But I am not remiss in thanking my angels and collective! I have several things that I can think of about my sexual bucket list:

Sexual exploration has always been on my mind since I was 9 years old, I am not sure you could understand if I really told you.

I love the art of making sex or love depending on my sexual mood.

Sex bucket list 2020

  • Have a threesome
  • Have a shower with someone
  • Have a bath with someone
  • Have a one on one girl session (and no I am not bisexual or lesbian)
  • Have sex in an a public place
  • Someone to talk to about their sexual desires!
  • Someone who cares of mine!
  • Aftercare, a few minutes of togetherness
  • Sex on my outside porch

These are weird times today but it is even more important for quality involvement as was ever needed!!!

I have been “dating" (having hot sex) with a Capricorn, a 6 ft 7 inch beautiful man! This guy is a giant in stature yes, but in sexual intelligence, he is off the charts. I have been breaking him into my “ethical" world and he has earned the title of “Primary" lover! He allows me to have sex with other partners with some built in safe rules designed to protect us both.

He has taken off 5 items off my bucket list in about a month of sharing with him. I shared my sexual fantasies with him early in our friendship. He listened and started planning to help me with a few of the bucket list items.

Now as I redo my Bucket List, I am savoring each of the 5 we enjoyed together. Do you want to know which ones?

Have a Shower with Someone

This was the most sensual act of pleasure I have ever had with a man! We planned to shower before having sex but got too into fingering each other to stop for a quick rinse.

We showered after sex being sticky of love juice. This iconic act so dreamy in movies is not exactly as easy to accomplish. First, we lathered each other up with soap, he…


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