My First Foursomes

4 min readMar 17, 2021
Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

There comes at time in a newly divorced woman’s life when she evaluates the next phase of her life. She thinks of how her kids have grown, and what she is going to do in her career over the next few years. The next important factor she considers, is who she is sexually. In my case, I discovered over the years I was married to a vanilla heterosexual man of 32 years, that I was attracted to women; any size, shape, or color. I think there is beauty in all women, and I try to uncover theirs, when they are in front of me. The female form is soft, warm, and inviting with its curves, roundness or plumpness. That is not to say there is beauty in thinner, more athletic women forms. I just prefer the plus size shape.

I had my first foursome two weeks ago, and it didn’t go as I had planned to my dissatisfaction. The one thing I aspired to do as did my swing partner, was to welcome the insecure female partner with her swing partner, into my home and worship her body. My partner and I took turns pleasuring her with our fingers, mouths, and tongues! She felt wonderful and desired during this sexual interaction. But, she took all the attention from my partner, and her partner. She never initiated anything on anyone except her guy, by trying to give him a mercy gift, of blowing him. She bit him, and he lost his erection, and patience for the entire swap situation.

As the hostess, I felt the need to “liven” his sour mood by giving him a 30 minute blowjob. No grunts, no “omgs", nothing except, “yes”, when I asked if he was enjoying my complimentary blow job! He eventually moved to the floor of my sex room, and sulked! She had her vag in my partner’s face when I got off of my knees. I got a twinge of jealousy for a few seconds…


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