Noticing My Favorite Female Writers are Feeling Human

2 min readAug 2, 2020

My heart goes out to you!

I feel particularly sad when the women sex writers on Medium I covet everything they write as gospel, are hurting! I feel like I have no direction when they are unsure of themselves! Now who can I get my hope, encouragement and sass from??

We are all vulnerable as sex writers, especially when we are writing about our lives in mind when we are publishing! I too, am in a complex relationship that seems as it is dying as we speak! It is fucking hard to put yourself out there when you feel like your insides are being ripped out!

Because we all write based on our personal lives as a reference point, we become the brunt of judgment and ridicule.

Two of my fav writers have expressed feeling judged in this forum..shame on all of you who seem so freaking perfect! Fuck you for putting anyone down for speaking their truth..especially female sex writers!

What the fuck are you expecting when these distinguished writers try to entertain you by their intimate lives!

Look inward, and see the pitiful way you are judging us writing about our sexual experiences! I mean that..fuck you all for judging what we have to share!

Instead, share your empathy and kindness towards those of us that boldly let you into our inner sanctum!

Think about us as people with real human emotions!

How dare you readers think of us as less than perfect..are you??

Give your love and support instead to these talented female writers!!

Think about your values!

Thank you for reading!


Jezebel is a psychotherapist who lives and works passionately. Life is a journey worth sharing our musings for others to enjoy.