This Old Cowboy

4 min readAug 5, 2020

Oh, but what he did to me….ahh!

Photo by Donald Giannatti on Unsplash

Yes, I know this title is not sexy for me. However, the story that enfolds will titillate your loins I hope…well, it does mine!

It begins in February 2020 when a stately gentleman swiped, right/left, or whatever on my profile and our friendship sparked. He was wise beyond his years, and to this day, I believe he is an old soul that he doesn’t even realize about himself. We had very intense, albeit sexual in nature, conversations. I love flirting and talking about sex immediately on a text message when on online dating sites.

I began to recognize that this “Old Cowboy” was not like the other guys I was finding online. Instead, he had character (as an old cowboy would), and he was respectful to me without meeting me first. He was a little gruff around the edges, but direct as hell if he asked you a question. It didn’t take me long to send some naughty pics and that was enough to change the trajectory of our friendship. This gentleman, and I mean that in every sense of the word, is unassuming if you met him, but he packs a powerful punch in his words! He turned me on immediately, and I remember being on a date with someone else, and texting the “Old Cowboy” at the same His name is D! (Obviously I cannot reveal his real name! He also gave me permission to use his initial.)

Over the next week or so, we made plans to do a “Meet and Greet” at the local DD but this was at the beginning of Covid and the coffee shop was closed and just the drive thru was open. So, I opted to invite him to my house instead. My intuitive muscle knew that this gentleman was safe but horny naturally, especially after some of the serious discussions we had about our character and values. (I know, and yes I do have values, they are just not as conventional as others).

We did talk a long while when we first met and he was very different from someone I usually meet online. First of all, he is the oldest man I have dated, but I suspected in conversations earlier, he was a Sage. Oh, did I mention he is passionate! He is a great kisser and has adept hands. Well, the not-so-usual occurred during that “Meet and Greet”. I do not often have sex with a virtual “literal” acquaintance, but he was different in so many ways. First, he has a completely different culture from mine, which is…




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